Rocky Mountains

Highest mounts in the Canada the Rocky Mountains will make you amazed, traveler should try take a hike on this mountain

Mount found in the earth's surface is plentiful. Some of them became very interesting because they have privileges. Starting from a height, typical, natural beauty, and others, well here are some of the mountain - a great mountain in the world. Rocky Mountain is indeed the mountains that extend in the North American region. The length is about 4,800 km. Wow !, Edge mountains appeared start of British Colombia in Canada, stretching until the end in the area of New Mexico, USA. Called Rocky Mountains because the mountains composition of solid materials such as stones and rocks. The highest mountain peaks are in Elbert, Colorado reaching about 4,401 meters. Rocky Mountains are extending from British Columbia to New Mexico. They stretch nearly 3,000 km. They are found in the United States such as New Mexico, Wyoming, Utah, South Dakota, Idaho, Montana and Colorado as well as in countries such as Canada Alberta and British Columbia.

Southern, central and northern Rockies are found in the United States. Canadian Rockies is the largest among the Rocky Mountains and stretches along nearly 900 km. At the end of the Mesozoic era, the process of formation of the Rockies began to take place. They are formed due to plate tectonic activity. The outermost layer of the Earth's interior is called the lithosphere. It is divided into several plates. This plate is located beneath the earth's surface. The collision of two plates each has resulted in the terrain of vast areas of land. Mountains formed in this way. Before the formation of the Rockies occurs, there is a shallow sea in the area where Colorado is located today. The range of the Rockies youngest formed some 100-60 million years ago. Sedimentary rocks and igneous rocks found in the Rockies. Erosion has played a major role in shaping the Rockies since ancient times. Compared with high now, the Rockies are very big before. Erosion occurs in large quantities and sediment washed. This sediment is kept to the east and the plains formed.

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